Mary Magica

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Standing in front of her wardrobe, Mary Magica tries a new spell – and all of a sudden her clothes are scattered all over the floor. Some pieces seem to be enchanted. Mary will have to find these to bring everything back to normal. In the game players try to find the magnetic pieces of clothing, shown on a face-up search card, by moving the magnetic Mary figure onto any item. To search more effectively players also have to remember which items turned out to be non-magnetic. Whoever collects most enchanted (= magnetic) items, wins.

Mary Magica is a cutely themed and illustrated, mag(net)ical spin on memory games for kids aged 3 and up.

2-5 players
Ages 3+
10-15 minute play time

1 wooden figure with magnet
18 search cards
18 magnetic clothing plates
12 non-magnetic clothing plates

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