Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG: Series Workbook Pack

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The World of Series Workbook Pack

Each Series Workbook Pack includes one (1)Our Hometown Workbook for your GM and four (4) My Kitty Workbooks for your players. It's everything you need to start sharing your stories!

Our Hometown Workbook at a Glance

- A beautiful, full-color workbook with everything a game master needs to create and run your Magical Kitties series!
- Record your hometown map, locations, supporting cast, foes, disasters, and adventures. Keep a journal of your episodes and track your kitty krew's progress.
- It's the perfect gift for a first-time game master, making running your first campaign as easy as turning the page!

My Kitty Workbooks at a Glance

- Make your kitty immortal with this amazing, full-color record of all your adventures!
- With four My Kitty Workbooks in each Series Workbook Pack, each player can keep their own notes on their hometown, human, house, and kitty krew.
- Functions as a deluxe character sheet, and includes a cheat sheet so the rules are always at the tip of your claw!

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