Mag-O-Mag The Magnetic Labyrinth

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How good are your communication skills? How about your manual dexterity? In Mag-O-Mag, players team up as "helpers" and "drivers" as they attempt to guide a colored magnet through 3 challenging games. The helper has a view of the map: they see where the magnet is, and where it needs to go. The driver controls the magnet but must rely exclusively on the helper to understand where to move it, lest it fall off the map!

Three games are included. "Golf" is all about estimating distances, as the helper illustrates the distance the driver needs to "shoot" to get into a hole. "Jungle Race" is a fast-paced game of communication in which the driver directs the magnet around precarious precipices while being directed - and on a time limit! "Stone-age Gatherer" combines both for a tactical, time-limited game about gathering resources. Each game can be played cooperatively or competitively, but you can also use the boards to make up your own games! Above all, communication and calm fingers will prevail. For 2-4 players; ~30-minute playtime.

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