Lowdown: Roll & Write Dice Game

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In the Lowdown Dice Game, players attempt to get the lowest score possible by rolling color and number dice and filling in the results on their individual player boards using the included dry-erase markers.

On your turn you roll 4 dice - two number dice and two color dice. At the same time, the player to your left rolls 2 dice, a color die and a number die and keeps the results hidden from you. You must choose either a) take a color and number die from the four you rolled, or b) take the mystery dice rolled by the player to your left. Whichever you take, you must write the number you selected in a space matching the color you selected on your player board. The remaining players then each choose a color and number combination from the remaining dice and write that on their board. Remember, the higher the value of the die, the more points it's worth (and you want the lowest score possible).

If you ever manage to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of numbers that are either 3-of-a-kind or 3 numbers that add up to 10, you get to cross out that row, reducing their value to zero.

The game ends when any one player completely fills in two of their three grids, then all players add up the total value of the numbers showing on their boards. The player with the lowest score wins.

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