Lord of the Rings Card Game: A Journey to Rhosgobel

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A journey to rhosgobel is the third adventure pack in the shadows of mirkwood cycle for the lord of the rings, the card game. After facing a fearsome group of trolls, the heroes have pressed further into the anduin valley to continue their search for Gollum. However, when they stumble across a dying eagle wounded in a fight with goblins, they are compelled to offer their assistance. A journey to rhosgobel contains 60 never-before-seen cards. In this exciting expansion, even more eagles join the tactics sphere, while leadership players are given a dúnedain quest that will inspire confidence in their cause. The heroes’ trek through mirkwood leads them to Haldir of Lórien, whose unnatural agility will aid the party in their task. However, the sky grows dark with foul minions of the shadow and every step toward rhosgobel causes the heroes’ avian ally more pain. There is no time to lose.

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