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WAVE GOODBYE TO BORING QUIZZES: Welcome to the world’s first super-simple, shout-out trivia game that’s designed to stop anyone from having a bad time

4 LITTLE QUESTIONS, 1 BIG LINK: Work with your team to answer four quiz questions, try to figure out what links the answers together, then shout out “LINKEE”

FILLED WITH ANTI-GENIUS: Unlike other trivia games, Linkee is all about lateral thinking – not just random bits of general knowledge This means that everyone brings something to the table

PERFECT BOARD GAME FOR FAMILIES: This is a game that works great with both big groups and small groups, and can be enjoyed by anyone aged 12 and up

UK’S BEST SELLING TRIVIA GAME: First it took the UK by storm Now, all the content has been re-written and updated for board gamers in the US of A

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