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You swore you'd never admit it was you who farted on the Great Family Road Trip of 2007... but now's the time to spill. Introducing Let's Get Talking! Take turns asking and answering questions from three increasingly personal levels: Light, Big, and Bigger. With 400 exciting, dramatic, and hilarious cards, you'll never run out of stories to tell or things to learn about the people you've lived with all these years!

Bust out this game as an ice breaker at your next family gathering, bring it along to game night, even play around the dinner table for a fun spin on family time. This conversation starter game is sure to be a blast regardless of where you play it, or who you play it with. Great for getting everyone talking, bonding, and laughing about iconic family moments.

The whole family will want in on the fun! With cards ranging from hilarious to outrageous to personal, nothing is off the table in this epic question game.

Age: 8+

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