Legendary Metal Coins: Cyberpunk

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Cyberpunk Coins Set: Cyberpunk is one of the most beloved Sci-Fi themes, inspiring movies and artist in dystopic universes of future Earth.

A great futuristic looking coin set of circuits, chips and robots. Trade them in far away galaxies, in future versions of earth or both.
A worthy reward to give to your intergalactic traders or pay your loyal crew of scoundrels.

The dimensions of the set are the following:
Copper.Width:32x24mm Thickness: 2.9mm
Silver. Width: 36x24mmThickness: 2.9mm
Gold Diameter: 31.8mm Thickness: 2.9mm

Suitable for games like Android:Netrunner, New Angeles, Shadowrun: Crossfire, Android, Mecanisburgo and so many more…

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