Left Center Right Dice Game – Giant Edition

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THE GAME OF LEFT CENTER RIGHT is the addictive family dice game that’s fast-paced, fun-to-play, and now GIANT! Three oversized dice and 24 large tokens bring a new dimension to the classic roll-and-pass game play. Starting with 3 tokens, each player takes turns rolling all 3 giant dice and then does what the dice say. Roll Left, Center, or Right, and pass a token in that direction. Roll a Dot, and you can keep what you’ve got – 3 Dots is the perfect roll. Out of tokens? You’re not out of the game – the player to your left or right might pass you a token. When one player has all the tokens, they win big! Take your game off the table and turn it into a roomful of fun. Exciting and suspenseful with every roll, Giant Size THE GAME OF LEFT CENTER RIGHT is for 3 or more players, ages 6+.

• Includes 3 Giant Dice, 24 Large Tokens, and Instructions

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