Last Second Quest

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Fun social gameplay: Can you convince your friends that the green stuff at the end of the dagger you packed isn't actually poison? Can a hammer be a musical instrument?

15 different classes: Each fantasy class has its own drawbacks and abilities - from the Barbarian who can't use armor but rushes in for an early start to collecting - to the Paladin, who can't use evil items but wins all ties.

MANY great illustrations: 60 double-sided item tiles mean there are 120 different detailed, entertaining fantasy items to fit into your backpacks and saddlebags.

In Last-Second Quest, you and your opponents are archetypical adventurers, with a gridded board representing your backpack, staring at a shared pile of items. Each round a quest is revealed with a unique set of required and forbidden items, and you only have seconds to fill your storage board with as many of the required items you can, while avoiding the forbidden ones. Once everyone is done, you take turns defending your choices, then score based on how well you prepared, and how few empty spaces are left over. The best prepared adventurer wins.

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