Labyrinth: Team Edition

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In this cooperative labyrinth version, everyone plays together against Daedalus, the spirit of the labyrinth. Round by round, players will flip through Daedalus' spellbook to learn what obstacles he puts in their way. Can they use their magic well, move the walls and find all the hidden treasures before the last page of the book is turned? Because that's the only way they can win. Unlimited fun through a new game structure!

The unique game principle of the crazy labyrinth has been inspiring millions of people for many years: Now you play together against Daedalus, the spirit of the labyrinth, in this cooperative team edition. In search of mysterious objects and creatures you roam the labyrinth as a magician, witch, fortune teller and sorcerer's apprentice. Only if you work well together can you manage to find all the treasures before Daedalus locks you in the labyrinth forever. Luckily you have magic on your side and you can move the walls of the maze and use other awesome tricks. Round by round you leaf through Daedalus' magic book to find out what obstacles he puts in your way. Can you find all the treasures?

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