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Have you always wanted to be the King or Queen of the Dick? With King Size, now it s possible to find out who s the longest! Grab the 6 dice and wow your friends with your length. The game plays over one round, during which each player rolls dice up to three times. 1 Take all 6 dice and give them a good shake. 2 Roll them once. 3 You may choose to reroll any of the dice a second or third time. Note: all Hearts you roll are set aside and cannot be rerolled. 4 After 3 rolls, analyze your results! If you ve rolled at least one Ballsack AND one Head determine the length of your dick by adding up your dice! If you failed to roll at least one Ballsack AND one Head, your score is zero - but don t forget to show off your small but mighty member. If you roll 5 Hearts, you ve gone soft. It s okay, it happens to everyone. Take all 6 dice and take another turn! If you roll 6 Hearts, you ve found True Love! The game ends immediately and you re declared the winner! After one round, if nobody s found True Love, the player with biggest dick is the winner! Stamp them so everyone knows about their King-Sized dick! If there s a tie, play another game 😉

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