Killer Bunnies: Violet Expansion

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Killer bunnies are back again and sporting new specialty bunnies, which make taking double turns a snap! the violet booster deck adds another 55 cards to your existing set, plus a clear Twenty-sided die. Other fantastic new cards include: insight to give players a chance to view the top 5 small carrot cards, bunnies in black to prevent your bunnies from the Beyea aliens, low Jack Kojak to annoy opponents by making them return carrots to Kaballa's market, and the final four carrots - now there are 20 to collect! can you escape the bittersweet chocolate covered anti-matter Raisins or a run-in at the local Crow bar? pick the fabulous Triple specialty bunny and play two cards in a row! the fun grows with the game as the violet booster deck delivers a deeper strategy level, mass hysteria, and new ways to claim the magic carrot and win!

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