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Insert a coin to play!

Complete levels and unlock bonuses to make the highest score and win the game.

Each player takes 1 sheet from the notepad. We will call it GamePad.

Shuffle the cards and deal 5 to each player.

Each player chooses 3 cards and draws the shapes of the cards on the three boxes (Levels) of their GamePad. Be careful not to make mistakes when you draw them!

Shuffle again all the cards and divide them into 2 piles of 15 cards each. Shuffle 1 GAME OVER card in each pile and place them on top of each other in the middle of the table (where you can reach it) to form a single deck.

At the beginning of each turn, flip the top card of the deck and place it where all players can see it.
Each player must choose one of the two white symbols shown on the bottom of the card and draw it inside of one of the shapes in their Level boxes by filling the empty squares.

The chosen symbol can be rotated or mirrored (horizontally and/or vertically) and must be drawn within the contours of the chosen Level’s shape.

You can decide to lose 1 Life and don’t use any symbol of the flipped card. If you do so, fill 1 square of the chosen shape.

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