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Draft Boosters are the tried-and-true way to open boosters to battle other players. With seven other players, you can draft boosters one at a time, build a deck, and play, or just open six Draft Boosters with an opponent to craft your deck to play—and you can even open sweet Booster Fun variants, too.

Here's what you can find inside the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster:
–1 Rare or mythic rare card
Can be a double-faced or Booster Fun variant (showcase equinox, showcase eternal night, or borderless)
–3 Uncommon cards
Can include up to one double-faced uncommon
Can be showcase equinox uncommon cards
–1 Common double-faced card
Can be a showcase equinox double-faced common card
–9 Common single-faced cards
Can include showcase equinox common cards
–1 Eternal night basic land
–1 Ad or token card
–1 Double-faced helper card (with a Magic card back so it can take the place of a double-faced card in a deck, if needed)

Every Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Booster contains two double-faced cards—a common card and either an uncommon or a rare or mythic rare card.

In 33% of Draft Boosters, a traditional foil card of any rarity replaces a common. This can be any card in the set, including double-faced cards, or any borderless, showcase eternal night, or showcase equinox card.

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