Infinite Jonathans The Card Game

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Due to a small oversight, all of the Jonathans have been accidentally teleported to the SAME DIMENSION! In the Mix-up, you have also become a Jonathan! CONGRATULATIONS! (Take a moment to applaud yourself!) However, there can only be one Jonathan in any given dimension... You must now defeat four Enemy Jonathans and claim them as trophies in this dimension, so that you can prove that you are most Jonathan-y Jonathan who ever Jonathaned! Players need Symbols and Jonergy to defeat enemy Jonathans. In order to acquire the necessary resources, players use their Jono-scopes, rotating a secret number 1-4 marking which of the Choice Tiles they would like to try to get payouts from. The options on these tiles can only fit so many players, and are always changing turn-by-turn, so bluffing opponents may become necessary to stay on top! You may need to work together at times, because if an Enemy Jonathan isn't defeated, it will deal players damage! Enemy Jonathans are defeated by having enough of the correct symbols amongst all players who chose to battle for the turn. However, if an Enemy Jonathan is defeated, then all players who chose to battle (even if they didn't contribute symbols!) get to bid Jonergy to see who claims that Trophy! Be Careful! You only have a limited number of hit points before you become a Ghost! When a player becomes a ghost, they can no longer get payouts from the Choice Tiles... They CAN however, haunt other players and try to come back to life!

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