In the Hollow of the Spider Queen

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The great Spider Queen lies dead at the border of the human lands,
laid low by the order of your mother, Queen Alyria.

Now, fearing for your life in the ensuing turmoil, you have fled the palace at Bastow,
seeking the relative safety of anonymity on the open road.

What secrets will you uncover as you explore the continent you’ve never seen?
​What creatures will you meet, and how will your fates intertwine, for good or for ill?

In the Hollow of the Spider Queen is a complete roleplaying game for one GM and one player, set in a world of gritty fantasy where magic is slowly slipping away. The adventure can also be modified for a larger group.

Inspired by old-school fantasy
Focused on nonviolent resolution
Random tables on nearly every page
Powered by the Apocalypse

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