Hive Mind

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A PARTY GAME THAT SPANS THE GENERATION GAP: Families, kids, & large groups can play. Questions are based on life experiences rather than knowledge, inspiring hilarious and enlightening conversations.
PLAY WITH 12 PLAYERS! Need a game for a big group? Up to 12 people can join in the fun, making it the perfect choice for families, parties, icebreakers, team building, or gaming groups.
ASK & ANSWER QUESTIONS: Prove you belong in the hive by thinking in harmony with the other players. Match answers with other bees to score points. Right & wrong doesn't matter—only matching others!
EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY: Perfect for players of all ages and experience levels. Unlike other trivia games, questions are based on experiences rather than knowledge; everyone can relate & participate.
WHO CAN PLAY: 3-12 players ages 8+; includes: 300 Question cards (1800 questions!), Game board, Queen Bee, 12 Bee pawns, 3 Hive Gates, 12 pencils, notepad, and 2 minute timer. It's a honey of a game!

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