Grab Snap Fidget Toy — Red

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1、Grab and Snap Toy: Just grab and snap the toy, this toy will help you relieve stress. It is an amazing, satisfying and long lasting stress relief toy!
2、Practical Fun Toy: Just grab and snap the toy to clam yourself and get sensory enjoyment. After snapping, let go to make fun noise.
3、For Kids and Adults: The fidget toy is great for hand exercise and stress relief, so it is perfect for children and adults.
4、Practical Hand Toy: The stylish design of this toy fits the palm of your hand, bringing much fun to you.
5、Washable and Reusable: The toy is easy to grab, and the toy size is about 6cm x 6cm/2.36x2.36in, so it is portable, and it is washable and reusable.

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