God Hates Charades

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You know what's sucky about regular charades? Maybe it's the clues, the bored looks, the silence, all while your pals wonder, "Why are we friends with Mark again?" Well, no more sad sackness for you, Mark. Because now, there is God Hates Charades, the acting and guessing party game that plays in thirty minutes and is so full of pop culture and awfulness that it makes Lucifer himself blush. Imagine Cards Against Humanity and Taboo met in a bar and had a baby. Then you would be close to the awesomeness that is God Hates Charades.

There are 400 cards, that makes 40,000 unique scenes

Fast paced acting and guessing game

Unique pop culture humor perfect for a party

For 4-16 plus players and takes about 30 minutes to play

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