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ASTAR "Best Toys For Kids" Winner - The Genius Star is the advance version of "The Genius Square"
Each puzzle can be solved from the 165,888 possible solutions
"GOLDEN STAR" twist bring players more fun and challenges: make the golden star and go for a double win!
Play solo, or race an opponent to fill the grid.
Using a specially devised computer program, it is confirmed that all of the combinations have at least one possible solution; some have multiple solutions!

This STEM board game promotes problem solving, special awareness, and motor manipulation skill training.

How to Play:
Roll all seven dice together.
Each player places the 7 blockers into the triangle spots of their grid to match the seven numbers printed on the dice.
RACE TIME! Each player will fit the 11 colored shapes to fill in every empty space on the grid.
Whoever finishes first is the winner! Check if you have the "Golden Star" which will give you double!
Also available for 1 player. You can play alone and challenge yourself against the clock, or find more solutions!

The box includes:
2 Grids
7 Dice (4 are 6-sided dice and 3 are 8-sided dice)
2 sets of 7 Blockers
2 sets of 11 Colored Shapes

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