Game of Thrones Card Game: Wolves of the North

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The inhabitants of the lands of the northern continent Western can be cold and same as strict as the winter, but words as honour and confidence yet have a meaning there. Fearsome in battle and firm in the negotiations, these people are men persistent and well equipped to survive winter seasons that can last many years. Even if tend to despise the laws that comes from King's Harbor, these warriors are fiercely loyal to gentlemen of house stark, and some believe that now is the time that the north you risollevi and to be a real Kingdom of winter. Travel to the North and take your place among the Knights, the noble and the Dame of house stark Wolves of the North, the first expansion Deluxe Output for the second edition de The Game of Thrones: The Card Game. This expansion brings House Stark to the centre of the stage, giving you new cards with which to drive your bunches stark in New Directions and uncharted. You can use the metalupi For scaring and overwhelm your opponents, March to victory with the help of house tully or draw strength from winter itself. In this box you will find also new versions of classic characters as Eddard Stark, Catelyn Stark, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, together with characters that appear in the game for the first time as the fish black, cagnaccio and Rickon Stark.
Even if this deluxe expansion focuses primarily on house stark, any other faction receives 2 Brand New Cards not true with which to expand your exploration of your decks. In addition, an assortment of neutral cards, including 6 new textures, will change the options available to each bunch and allows you to call in because new and dangerous allies as Mance Rayder, quentyn Martell and Aggo.


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