Galaxy Trucker Big Expansion

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The set consists of several more-or-less independent parts that can be used separately or in combination to enhance your flight across the Galaxy.

New Technology -- 42 ship building components with new and hitherto unheard of technology, as well as 5 figures and 5 specialization cards for a new species of aliens.

Fifth Wheel -- pieces and rules for 5-player games.

New Ship Classes -- 5 doulbe-sided ship boards for ships of Class IA and IIA.

Evil Machinations -- 24 new adventure cards that players put into the deck themselves to keep things interesting for their fellow truckers.

Rough Roads -- 25 brutal adventure cards that can turn your transgalactic pleasure cruise into a trip through Hell (an improved and expanded version of a mini-expansion that was offered online).

Bonus Cards -- 6 adventure cards to spice up the original set, including two cards that were previously only available to those who bought the first edition at Essen 2007.

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