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To start For Sale, separate the cards by type (green property cards and blue currency cards) and shuffle each pile. Set the currency cards aside for now as they will be used later in the second half of the game. Place the property cards face down in the center of the table. Next, give each player an equal amount of money depending on how many people are playing. For three or four player games, give each player two $2,000 coins and fourteen $1,000 coins. For games with five or six players, give each person two $2,000 coins and ten $1,000 coins. Also, if you are playing with three or four players you must also remove some property and currency cards from the game. With three players, remove six green property cards and six currency cards at random (without looking at them or revealing what they are). If you have four players, remove two cards of each type. These cards have to be removed from play to ensure that each player gets an equal amount of property cards (one per round).

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