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Every night this Scout Elf will return to the North Pole to say whether your family has been naughty or nice. Santa takes that information every night until Christmas Eve when he decides if you're getting presents or coal this year. One of the best parts of getting an elf is waking up each morning and trying to spy where they're hanging out for the day. Maybe they're sitting on the fridge or hanging from the light. Maybe they got into some mischief during the night! Ready, set, go! Scout Elves are ready to glide down the wintry slopes with their own snow tubes. This set features a snowflake-spangled inflatable snow tube for your elf, and fleecy earmuffs and an extra-long, cozy scarf to keep warm. Simply place the Claus Couture Collection clothing where your Scout Elf can see it, and they will put it on before their nightly flight to the North Pole. When you find them the next morning, they'll be sporting their stylish new threads.

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