FATE Codex: Anthology Volume 3 (SC)

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The Fate Codex is a mostly-monthly e-zine funded through Patreon that features essays, systems, quick starts, and more for the Fate Core roleplaying system. Throughout 2016, over 700 fans funded five different issues of The Fate Codex, now Magpie Games have brought all five of those issues—together with enough content for two new issues—into the Volume 3 Anthology!

The Fate Codex Anthology: Volume 3 features fantastic Fate content from some of the brightest and most experienced Fate authors in the industry. This volume includes captivating fiction; illuminating essays on stress, organizational mechanics, and NPC building blocks; and quickstart adventures featuring demonic motorcycle gangs, cold war spies, and missing children.

This volume features over twenty-five original articles produced by a massive miscellany of authors: Nicholas Hopkins, Mary Rose Valentine, Steve Radabaugh, Willow Palecek, Michael Duxbury, Oliver Oviedo, Mark Diaz Truman, Philippe Saner, John Large, Brendan Conway, Kevin Hallock, Arlene Medder, Mark Slattery, Nicole Winchester, Andrew Tuttle, June Shores, Dustin DePenning, Don Bisdorf, Kira Magrann, Tara Zuber, Dain Lybarger, André La Roche, Marissa Kelly, and Felipe Real.

In addition, the art from the original issues—more than 30 original pieces—is carried over to the anthology as well, with works by such artists as Mike Mumah, Manuela Soriani, Juan Ochoa, Bitmap M Prager, Robert Crum, Alex Innocenti, and Marissa Kelly.

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