Escape the Room Game: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

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If a good mystery is right up your alley and you are up for a challenging cooperative game, try out Escape the Room! For those of you who arent familiar with the concept, this is a game that began as a digital version, transformed into real-life events around the country, and is now also available as a game you can play at home. The scene in this version is an old manor in the year 1869. There are mysterious happenings that you and your friends decide to investigate, but you end up locked inside a room in the old manor. Can you Escape the Room! in time? The game is packed into sealed envelopes, in which you and your fellow players must find clues and solve puzzles to unlock and reveal. Unlike some mystery events where one player sets everything up and cannot participate, even the host doesnt have the answers here! Get ready for an evening of fun! 3-8 players, game time is approximately 90 minutes

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