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Guild ball engineer's guild dice pack by steam forged games guild ball isn't just a sport, but a political Arena in which the guilds fight for influence. Players are often given special instructions before a game, their actions preventing the seizing of power and settling old grudges. The guild ball plot cards provide a representation of this intrigue in the game, an unexpected card foiling even the best laid plans. The engineers play style is accurate and controls a lot of space. They use all their gadgets, devices and traps in order to influence the flow and direction of the game. From a distance the engineers seem to move as one giant machine as they play perfectly in sync with one another. They are Resilient in combat which leads to their solid play style. Although not as mobile as some of the other teams they are able to move the ball great distances. Once all the pieces are in place they are able to control the Pitch while pinging the ball around their opponent. Proudly display your loyalties to the inventive engineer's guild with our stunning marbled dice. The sight of the faction emblem heralding another step on the road to victory. Colors: red/gold dice designed to fit the engineer's guild of the tabletop game guild ball.

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