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  • MARINE BIOLOGY GAME - Learn about underwater creatures and their habitats in this nature card game! Players use aquatic animals such as sea turtles, sharks, and clownfish in a grid formation in this ecosystem building game. Earn points by aligning ocean life with the habitats and food sources where they most flourish.

  • GREAT BARRIER REEF - Based on the animals found in the real Great Barrier Reef, players pick and pass eleven different card types, arranging them in a grid to form their unique ecosystem. Cards are categorized as predators, prey, and producers. Diversify your food web to maximize bonus points.

  • GENIUS GAMES - Ecosystem: Coral Reef is the sequel to our top rated family board game, Ecosystem. Our science games for kids combine gameplay that’s both accessible to children and strategic for adults. Whether it’s for the classroom or family game night, our catalog of educational board games is perfect for encouraging critical thinking skills and learning while having fun!

  • EASY TO PLAY - This simple card drafting game is designed for players ages 10+. Like many other hottest games for kids, this coral reef board game is simple to pick up and play, but experienced players will find there are many strategies to victory. Simply pick one card from your hand and pass the rest. Place the card in your grid, then repeat until all cards are gone! Each round can be played in 15-20 minutes.

  • LEARN SCIENCE - In this nature board game, oceanic life aid one another in cycles that are true to our world’s ecological habitats. It intuitively teaches players about the necessary balance of natural order via the food web system; players want a healthy mix of predators, prey, and producers in their ecosystem to score the most points.

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