Echoes: The Dancer

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Echoes is an immersive audio mystery game. Install a free, easy-to-use app and wave your phone over a card to trigger sound clues. Use the card illustrations and sound clues to put the cards in order to tell a story and solve a mystery.

The ghost of a young girl haunts the halls of a stately Scottish manor. Gather clues as you listen to the fragments of her tragic story and solve the mystery of her death.

Recommended for 1 to 6 players. Stories take approximately one hour to solve.

Playing echoes
Each echoes story is comprised of six chapters. Each chapter starts with a chapter marker tile followed by three story cards. Players solve individual chapters first, then work together to put the chapters in order.

When players think they have a chapter solved, they can use the app to check. The app will tell them how many cards belong in the chapter and whether the cards are in the right order. When a chapter is solved successfully, the app will give an overview with additional details added, helping the players understand and solve the overall story.

App Information
In order to enjoy the game fully at least one player will need to install the free Ravensburger echoes app. This app works with iOS 12.0 and higher as well as with Android 7.0 and higher and is compatible with Google Play services for AR. You can check device compatibility with the app.

For Ages: 14+

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