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Inspired by classic RPG adventures, Dungeon Party is a light, dexterity-based party game played with coasters and coins. Reveal the room coaster with its unique events and rules. Then reveal the monster in the room, and take turns bouncing a coin, trying to land it on the Monster Coaster to ‘hit’. Eliminate the monster and claim its treasure. If the Party survives the dungeon, the player with the most valuable treasures is the winner!Dungeon Party is a clever blend of dungeon crawler and party game. With a 30-60 minute play time (depending on the dungeon that you choose to tackle), you can easily adapt the game to your group and setting. There is also a wide variety of monsters, treasures, rooms, and heroes to choose from, to ensure plenty of variety.Contents:69 Coasters8 Characters20 Monsters16 Treasures20 Rooms5 Dungeons1 Unique ‘Weapon’ Coin1 d206 d6

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