Dojo Kun

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With hushed tones, Senseis talk about the Dojo Kun. Most only know about it from myth, but the martial arts contest is real. Having your school participate is a great honor. However, only one teacher will have their student standing in the final winner’s circle. This year, your Dojo has been invited to take part in the mysterious tournament. Winning will mean establishing the reputation of your skill for years to come.

In Dojo Kun, you take on the role of a Sensei of your own dojo. You must recruit and train students in various forms of martial arts, preparing them for competition, as well as building expansions to your dojo and doing quests for the local villagers. Over the course of two seasons, you get students ready for the Dojo Kun and then take on the competition in the tournament. Everything you do has the potential to earn prestige for your dojo and the school with the most prestige points will be declared the winner.

For 1-4 Players

90 minute playing time

Ages 14 and up

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