Disney Villianous: Jafar — 1000 piece

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Release the power of puzzle fun as you assemble the captivating characters and power-hungry villain from Aladdin with “Disney Villainous: Jafar”!

Piece together this 1000-piece puzzle featuring Jafar, the Grand Vizier of Agrabah and Aladdin's magical foe. Assemble the puzzle to reveal iconic scenes of the frightening and powerful Jafar, as well as some favorite characters like Aladdin, Jasmin, Genie and many more. All Villainous puzzles are based on the award winning family game "Villainous" by Ravensburger.

Enjoy puzzling the magnificent realms of your favorite Disney Villains. Watch as the wicked ways, sinister spells, and devious deeds unfold as each piece is connected. Collect and build all six.

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