Dirty Doodles

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  • Don't Let Your Artist Skills Go To "Waist": This game is great fun for any party or gathering. Compete to guess funny drawings in an even funnier way!

  • Fun For All (Ages 17+): This game is awesome for consenting players aged 17 and older. Great to play with 2+ players.

  • How To Play: Split into two teams. One player begins as the Artist. They draw a card and strap the pen to their waist. The other person plays as the canvas and uses the spinner to reveal where they must strap the whiteboard: waist, butt, forehead or Artist's choice. Just hope it doesn't land on your waist (unless the Artist is your crush- in which case, you're welcome!) Teams compete to guess as many drawings as possible before the timer runs out!

  • What's Inside: 100 Cards, 1 Whiteboard With Strap, 2 Markers, 1 Marker Mount With Strap and 1 Spinner.

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