Dicey Peaks

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FAMILY ADVENTURE: Take on the danger & fun of Yeti Mountain by rolling dice, pressing your luck & skillfully choosing when to climb or rest. Race to find the fabled red flag at the summit to win!
QUICK TO PLAY: Each dicey adventure takes fewer than 40 minutes to play, allowing even the busiest of families to enjoy the experience. Perfect for game night too!
BALANCE STRATEGY AND LUCK: Pick your dice & manage your oxygen supply. Each turn, choose to climb or rest. Mountain tiles introduce hazards. Yetis force others to move even when it is not their turn.
IMMERSIVE FUN PLAY: Includes detailed climber pawns and oxygen markers, with beautiful artwork that pulls players into the danger of Yeti Mountain.
WHO CAN PLAY: 2-6 players ages 8+ can brave the mountain. Includes rules, 6 Climbers, 6 Oxygen Boards, 6 Oxygen Tanks, 13 Custom Frosted dice, and 29 Mountain tiles for neverending replayability.

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