Desktop Gyroscope Cylinder: Silver

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: 30mm rotary gyroscope is a fascinating office desktop toy, a dynamic art, which enables you to change from a precisely designed static shape to a hypnotic visual illusion. This product is made of solid stainless steel and brass. It uses a spiral groove next to the edge and continues on the top plane of the symmetrical spiral. [visual effect]: when it rotates, it will produce an almost magical effect, just like a continuous spiral will merge into the table. He can rotate on any table or plane. Strong body and smooth surface make it very pleasant to interact. It will rotate quietly, so you won't disturb anyone. [relieve pressure]: it's great for creators, producers, thinkers and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination. Stay focused, stress relieved or relaxed during working hours or brainstorming. It's a great help for irritability, anxiety, hyperactivity, autism, staying awake and other attention disorders, adding more fun. Avoid nail clippers, joint sprains, leg shakes and other irritating habits.

light weight, pocket size, easy to carry. It's a great desk accessory, a time killer, and also an effective way to focus and think deeply. [perfect and unique gift] - with its independent and ergonomic style, it provides top-level gadget toys for adults and children over 10 years old. As a gift for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.

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