D&D Candlekeep Mysteries

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This book contains 17 adventures that can be played in a single session or two with a theme of mystery tying them all together. These adventures aren’t meant to be played campaign style; though D&D’s Principal Story Designer Chris Perkins has said that there are Easter eggs that loosely connect each adventure together, there isn’t any huge, overarching story you should pay attention to. That’s a job for other big hardcover adventures, like Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Instead, this product harkens back to the days of short, modular adventures that Dungeon Masters can easily slip into their own ongoing campaigns, or use as inspiration for their own adventures.

Instead, these adventures can be peppered throughout your campaign for a change of tone. You could even use the great library of Candlekeep, seen recently in Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, as a hub location that your characters return to after grand adventures.

These adventures were written by many spectacular D&D authors, drawn from the ranks of the DMs Guild, top-tier D&D streams, and a few in-house writers at Wizards of the Coast. “I got my start in the gaming industry by writing short D&D adventures,” said Chris Perkins, Principal Story Designer for Dungeons & Dragons. “I'm grateful to be able to work on a product that gives other authors the same opportunity. The adventures in this anthology reflect the incredible creativity of the D&D community."

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