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This may look like a wooden stacking toy for toddlers, but it's really a logic game for preschoolers! Kids will develop logical reasoning, strategic planning, and visual/spatial perception as they select and stack colorful wooden blocks in various patterns. Kids arrange the 10 painted wooden pieces on 3 vertical pegs to recreate scenes from the challenge booklet. The first 24 scenes are "Day" scenes, illustrated in full color. The 24 "Night" scenes are illustrated in silhouette (so it's more challenging). Two blocks are smiley faces, two are cylinders, one is a triangle, and the rest are unconventional shapes that can represent almost anything (depending on the context in the challenge book.). The challenge book is spiral-bound at the top, stands up like a table tent, and has 48 challenges in 4 different levels. The "Night" challenges can be checked simply by swiveling the challenge book to look at the scene shown on the "Day" sideit should be identical to the silhouette. No matter what the challenge level, kids will have hours of fun with this hands-on game. And yes, it is a great stacking toy for toddlers, too! ~ Lisa

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