Cyberdoom Tower

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A solo or co-op 12bit run and gun. Collect the passcodes to unlock the top floor of the Cyberdoom Tower, then try to defeat the maniacal AI and save the world!

Year 2104, the machines dominate the planet Earth trying to wipe out the human race. You have been chosen to stop them.

Cyberdoom Tower is a solo and co-op futuristic dungeon delve experience where you try to collect the pass-codes to unlock the top floor of the Cyberdoom Tower and defeat the AI who controls the machines and save the world!

Explore the Cyberdoom Tower by moving your piece between the different floors of the tower. Fight the sentries guarding her by spending AP and rolling dice to determine your skills. Upgrade your gear deck to be ready for the final fight.

The more time you spend collecting access codes, the harder it becomes.

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