Crack The Code

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Rule Nothing Out: With 200 Rule Cards, this game is sure to be a hit time and time again!

Fun For All Mystery-Lovers: This game is meant for detectives 8 and up, meaning you can get everyone involved! You'll be a hit at any party when you show up with Crack the Code! Perfect for gatherings, parties, sleepovers, game nights, and more!

Rules of Engagement (AKA How To Play): Split up into teams of Detectives and Accomplices. Accomplices draw a Rule Card that they must follow for the entire round. Then, Detectives must ask the Accomplices questions to try and guess what the group is up to. Be careful! Detectives only get three tries to guess the rule.

What's Inside: 200 Rule Cards, 6 Guess Cards, 4 Sample Question Cards, and Instructions

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