Commander 2021: STX Witherbloom Witchcraft

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Witherbloom: The College of Essence Studies of Strixhaven University

Witherbloom mages draw power from the opposing forces of life and death. They brew their powerful spells from natural components and the essence of living creatures, using that power to heal or harm the living, raise or entreat the dead. They wield magic that can cause entire teeming forests to blossom out of nowhere or call down ancient druidic curses that scourge flesh from bone. Some Witherbloom mages defend ecosystems from marauding pollution, while others revel in the power of corruption and death. They're at home riding zombie crocs down a languid river, picking herbs for a potion to treat a wasting disease, brooding over a chorus of swamp frogs, or summoning up fearsome ancient avatars of nature.

The Witherbloom Witchcraft Commander Deck contains:

Reduced-plastic packaging

100 card deck

10 double-sided tokens

1 Life Wheel

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