Commander 2021: Silverquill Statement Deck

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Silverquill: The College of Eloquence of Strixhaven University

Stylish, intimidating, and driven, Silverquill mages are masters of the magic of words. They create spells from spoken-word battle poetry or magical manifestations of the written word, writing patterns of runic ink on the air. Silverquill mages are natural leaders, driven and competitive, with a piercing wit and a never-second-place attitude. When you see a group of Silverquill mages coming toward you, you're struck by how devastatingly good-looking, put‑together, and well-dressed they are, orbited by their flitting "inklings" that congeal into runes and glyphs as they weave their magic.

The Silverquill Statement Commander Deck contains:
Reduced-plastic packaging
100 card deck
10 double-sided tokens
1 Life Wheel

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