Commander 2021: Quantum Quandrix Deck

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Quandrix: The College of Numeromancy of Strixhaven University Quandrix mages are ingenious nature mathematicians. They study patterns, fractals, and symmetries to wield power over the fundamental mathematics of nature. They can summon creatures made of fractals or turn abstract theories into towering, spiraling patterns. Quandrix mages love to increase, expand, and multiply: they can expand their knowledge or quadruple their own size by bending numbers. Their costuming and magic shows how they dwell in the overlap between the theoretical and the natural—the fabric of their robes and the nature of their spells come across in repeated elements, clever symmetries, and surprising geometry. The Quantum Quandrix Commander Deck contains: Reduced-plastic packaging 100 card deck 10 double-sided tokens 1 Life Wheel

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