Commander 2021: STX Prismari Performance

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Prismari: The College of Elemental Arts of Strixhaven University

The art students of Strixhaven, Prismari mages see no difference between magic and art. Their spells are spectacles of raw creativity: masterpieces of showy, over-the-top magic. Each Prismari student uses elemental magic to express who they are and how they see the world, and often use more than one element. Fire, ice, water, wind, earth, stone, lightning, heat, cold, snow, tornadoes, earthquakes, the rumbling pulse of pure energy—any elemental force can be a Prismari muse and medium.

The Prismari Performance Commander Deck contains:
Reduced-plastic packaging
100 card deck
10 double-sided tokens
1 Life Wheel

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