Clarendon’s Brain Elixir After Dinner Riddles

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"Claredon's Brain Elixir After-Dinner Riddles Vintage Card Game is a game of riddles that stimulates your brain. Draw a card from the deck, read the riddle, answer correctly and win the card. First player to collect 3 cards wins the game. 

WHAT’S INCLUDED: This game comes with 80 riddle cards and instructions. Uniquely packaged in matchbox style tuck box, this game is easy to bring on the go. Colorful cards are shaped liked vintage elixir bottles (4.25" x 2.25").

GREAT GAME: High-quality card game is perfect for any party, family activity or game night. Great for teens and adults alike. Makes a great hostess gift or a game to bring on the go.

For 2 or more players, Age 10 and Up

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