Chrononauts: Missing Artifacts

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A time traveler’s work is never done. Get ready to add six new Mission cards to either (or both!) versions of Chrononauts! These new Missions will send you through time in search of missing treasures like one of the lost Fabergé Eggs, D.B. Cooper’s suitcase full of money, a gemstone from Mars, and even the Holy Grail itself. (But make sure you choose the right one!) Or, you might need to find a fully functional Antikythera Mechanism, a papyrus containing the secret to how the Great Pyramid was built, or a golden statue of Throk-Trak (hero of the cockroach revolution which happens 83 million years after WW3). The 18-card expansion even includes a couple of powerful new gadgets: the Reality Shifter and the Temporal Stabilizer!

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