Catan: Adventures – Elasund The First City of Catan

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This is the second game in the Adventure Catan series that started with Candamir. The theme of Elasund is based on the ‘Die Siedler von Catan’ novel written by Rebecca Gablé, itself based on the original The Settlers of Catan game. In Elasund, players compete and cooperate to build the premier city of Catan.

Elasund? the little settlement on the coast? Well, those days are long gone. Elasund is growing rapidly and Catanians are streaming into the city, eager to make a fortune! You are appointed to help the city develop. You heed the call to drive the city’s growth and prosperity. Hire workers, acquire building materials. What will your next build be? The competition is eager to excell and claim all of the credit!

Limited resources early on will limit players to a few small buildings. Your influential connections will provide you with all the necessary building permits. In Elasund, nothing works without building permits! Once buildings are constructed, they can generate either gold or influence for you. Soon you can start going after bigger projects! Soon enough you may become involved in grander projects, such as building the church or the city walls.

But beware of your competitors! They may try to leverage their way into your neighborhood with their own permits! If you don’t watch them closely enough, they might attempt a hostile takeover of your buildings! Will you emerge as Elasund’s most influential city developer? Find out in this new Catan adventure!

Contents: 1 Game Rules Booklet, 1 Overview Sheet, 1 Game Board, 44 Wooden Pieces (40 victory point cubes and 4 round disks), 2 dice, 1 Trade Ship, 9 Church Tiles, 36 City Wall Tiles (9 per color), 37 Buildings (16 in the player colors and 21 neutral ones), 90 Game Cards (51 gold and 39 influence cards), 2 City Gates, 4 Turn Overview Cards in 4 player colors, 20 building permits in 4 colors. Box size approximately 30 × 30 × 7cm.

2 – 4 players

Ages 10 & up

Playing time: 60–90 minutes

Publisher: Mayfair Games

Authors: Klaus Teuber

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