Cat Rescue

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Help these cats find their forever homes! work together to rescue cats in this easy-to-learn cooperative card game full of head-scratching puzzles and claw some fun! Players move cat cards from the street or foster homes into the shelter, and then line up a series of matching cats to get them ready for Adoption. Can you clear the shelter and find loving homes for all your feline friends?• 1 5 players• ages 8+• easy to learn; easy to play• fast 15 20-minute game time• great for both kids and adults; a wholesome and addictive choice for a fun game night! • perfect for fans of tile or sliding games like Tetris or candy crush, or fast-playing card games like sushi go! • contents: 33 stray cat cards, 1 Delivery token, fabric shelter board, 5 Power markers, instructions

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