Buzzed Out

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Split into 2 teams

Choose which side of the cards (red or blue) you want to play with. Shuffle the cards, making sure they're all the same way round, and place the pack within reach of all players, with the chosen side face down.

Switch on the ticking timer (but don't activate it yet) and place it within reach of all players.

Agree how many points a team will need to score to win the game - 8 points works well.

You can't predict when the buzzer will sound because it changes each time you play a round.

Once a team has guessed a word or phrase and the Describer has placed the card by the pack, the card is deemed to be in play with the other team even if they have not yet picked it up.

Teams must avoid repeating a description of a word or phrase that has already featured in that round. Repeating words only wastes time for your team!

The first team to score the agreed number of points wins!


80 double-sided BUZZED OUT cards
Electronic timer
Rules sheet

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