Bone Strike

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Bone Strike is a push your luck combat card game where you can continue to roll the dice as long as you do not bust out!

The object of bone strike is to remove your opponents' life points. This is done through damage rolled on combat dice. There are four different colors of dice in the game.

If any time dice are rolled and they score any symbols, add those symbols to your effect pool and you may choose to reroll any blanks. If all dice in play have added symbols to your dice pool, you may choose to reroll all of them. However, if any time dice are rolled and they do not score any symbols (rolls only blanks) remove all symbols in your effect pool, and the attack fails.

If you do not choose to reroll dice, the attack resolves. The warrior does damage to the target equal to the amount of damage symbols in their effect pool.

2-3 players. Age: 14+

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